Interesting Red Sox news

DustinPedroia At the time that the Red Sox picked up Billy Wagner everyone wondered if they were making a wise decision. With many question marks considering his age and his health he only actually made 14 appearances with the Sox.  The Red Sox not only offered him arbitration but the Braves picked him up on a one year deal which will cost them a first round draft pick. So not only do the Red Sox get the pick but they also get a supplemental pick between the first and second round. All this for a 38 year old pitcher with health question marks. Kinda makes Theo Epstien look like a genius now doesn’t it?

The Red Sox are also dealing with who to play at short stop in 2010. Jed Lowerie is a plus defender who cant hit and has to many injury concerns, Nick Green became a free agent when the Sox removed him from the 40 man. Alex Gonzalez as we have already discussed signed with the Blue Jays. The two best free agents are not that best choices for the Sox so now there are some internal discussions of having Dustin Pedroia make the move to short stop. Again with Theo being a genius. Here are three reasons why this is brilliant:

1. Dustin was an all star short stop in college

2. Dustin is one of the most athletic players in the game and has great range.

3. There are so many more second baseman available than there are short stops.

The Red Sox may have interest in Brandon Phillips who batted .276 last year with 20 HR and 97 RBI’s. Phillips also won a gold glove in 2008. Now as a closet Yankees fan I’m not a fan of  the Red Sox making some good baseball moves but if they are ,its about time.

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