A Couple of interesting thoughts

There isn’t much happening in baseball right now do to the Thanksgiving Holiday and the fact that the GM’s are basically taking the Information they collected at the Gm meeting and getting a plan together. Its kinda like testing the water with your foot to see how warm it is before you jump in. There are a few things that we have learned over the last week or so:

1. One interesting situation is the Red Sox short stop situation. With the Jays signing Alex  Gonzalez the Red Sox choices are somewhat limited. Nick Green is a decent utility player and even has a mean fastball but they shouldn’t consider him the everyday answer. They Basically have two choices Marco Scutoro  or Migel Tejada. Tejada is a35 year old Short stop who is not showing any signs of slowing down last season with the Astros he batted .313 which was good for eighth in the NL. Scutoro is also no spring chicken at 34 provides significantly better defense without as much pop in the bat. I believe that short stop should be a defence first position and the Sox would be wiser to sign Marco. However Marco is a type A free agent and the Red Sox would have to part with a number one draft pick as compensation to the Jays because they offered Scutaro arbitration. Even so I don’t see much other choice for the Red Sox.

2. Speaking of the Red Sox it seems they want desperately to unload their current third baseman Mike Lowell. Lowell sense 2007  Lowell has been hampered by injuries and has not had more than 119 games in each of the last two seasons. However injured or not he still is a gem with the lumber. Last season in 119 games he had 17 HR,75RBI batted .290 with a .811 ops. Also at 35 years old and is certainly on the down slide the ,Sox  are so desperate to unload him they are rumored to be willing to pick up a large portion of his 2010 salary.  Seems that if they could unload him a run at Migel Cabrera would certainly improve their offensive stock. Cabrera is a beast that has had 25 or more HR and 100+ RBI’s every year sense 2004. Detroit seems like a broken team that is willing to unload some of its bigger contracts and start rebuilding. For them to move Migel they would certainly demand a big package of young talent.

3. Other interesting news as previously stated the Marlins seem unwilling to offer Josh Johnson the number of years he would like for an extension. Im sure there is not a team in baseball that wouldnt love to have him on their roster. Im also sure that pretty much every team that is even considering adding a pitcher will be calling the Fish to see what it would take to land him.

4. Roy Halladay has stated that he would wave his no trade clause to play for the Yankees. This is actually old news, NY is Roy’ s preferred destination but he is also willing to play for Boston,Philly,or the Angels. If the Yankees were smart they would jump in thier with a decent offer and put Roy in the Bag before it gets messy. I would give them Joba,Melky and Ian Kennedy. Seems that should get the deal done. I would even go as far as to give them both Joba and Hughes for him. What I wouldn’t do if I were the Yankees would be to part with Montero or Jackson. Boston also has a decent package that could be offered if they are willing to part with Clay Bucholtz and a couple of young prospects. The Yankees seem to be deeper in the pitching department and Young pitching will be what they will be looking for.

5. Tim Lincecum’s arbitration hearing should top Ryan Howard’s 10 million dollar victory back in 2008. After 2 Cy Young awards the Giants are going to have to open up their wallets and dig deep to prevent this whole thing from getting ugly and feelings hurt. Be smart San Fransisco hand him a blank check and a 5 year extension and move on with your day.

6. Lastly the Angels aren’ t the least bit interested in Matt Holiday to roam Left Field in 2010. Who they do want is Red Sox free agent Jason Bay.It will be an interesting battle for Bay as these two teams have been playoff foes for many a game over the last decade. Ok so maybe there is a bit more going on than I originally stated.

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