The Marlins truly are Stupid

josh-johnson The Marlins have what I consider to be one of the top five pitchers in baseball in Josh Johnson. Sense July of 2008 after returning from Tommy John surgery he is 22-6. He has the third highest average velocity on his fastball in the majors at 95.1 and the Marlins wont give him a four year deal. He is a 25 year old flamethrower and has brilliant command. Josh’s agent used Zack Greinke’s 4 year 38 million dollar deal will the Royals as framework for negotiations. A contract that would cost the Marlins less than 10 million a year is peanuts. They get twice that in free money via revenue sharing every year. Instead they will end up trading him or lose him to free agency at the end of the season. Keeping him for the entire year would be stupid and not trading him before the start of the season would be equally as dumb. Why the marlins continue to cry poverty is inexplicable.Especially considering all the money they are dropping into stadium development. What good is a shiny new stadium if you suck? The Marlins new home was set to open in 2011 has been pushed back to 2012 and you can be certain that Johnson wont be there on top of their rotation.

In case you were wondering who I feel the other four of my top five are they are Tim Lincecum ,CC Sabathia,Roy Halladay, and Zach Greinke

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