Follow up to Mike G’s Revenue sharing article

well put by  Mikey G these guys all have more money than God and the last time I checked The Royals were owned by a corporation that could buy the Stienbrenners 3 times over. Baseball is a business and teams choose whether or not they will be competitive. Or I should say the owners choose. in 2009 the Marlins payroll was 34.4 million. That is for the entire team! They received 20 million in Revenue sharing. Without  getting into the entire formula of how revenue sharing works its safe to say that The Yankees paid enough in Revenue sharing to pay the salaries  of 3 or 4 of these small market teams. Yes it is a shame that they don’t use this free money to put a more competitive team on the field but you should see the car that Jeffrey Loria (owner of the Marlins) drives.

The system is far from perfect and teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees are always  accused of buying their championships. But in reality they are only investing revenue in their product. Seems to me this is what any successful business does.



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