Agent says Pedro wants to pitch all of 2010

Agent says Pedro wants to pitch all of 2010

Pedro says he is rejuvenated and feeling no pain for the first time in three years. Pedro pitched well down the stretch for the Phillies after excepting a 1 million dollar contract. But the fact of the matter is that he only pitched 44 innings in which he gave up 48 hits. 48 innings over the course of a couple months is a totally different story than 200 innings over the course of an entire season. The Fact is that Pedro is 38 yeears old and had been plagued by injuries for his last few seasons. To believe that he suddenly is no longer damaged goods because of 48 innings is not smart. If Pedro was smart he would get himself on the Roger Clemens plan. That is pitching the second half of the season with a contender not the Steroid part.

I have said it many times before Pedro Martinez is a sure thing for the hall of fame and had what I consider the best single season in the history of baseball in 2000 when he went 18-6 with an ERA of 1,74. He pitched 217 inning only giving up 128 hits and 42 earned runs. He also struck out 284 batters, That was just an unbelievable season that will never be duplicated. E very player needs to realize when its time to hang up the spikes. I believe that Pedro could be effective for a half season at the most, but over the course of an entire season I think giving him a contract would be a mistake.

Unfortunately for Pedro part of his legacy will be this video, not one of his prouder moments.

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