AL Cy Young Goes To…


The Al Cy Young was awarded this afternoon to Zack Greinke. Greinke is nasty without a doubt. He has lights out stuff and was basically unhittable all year. He only mustered up 16 wins and dropped 8 games but that is really not his fault. Wins and loses really depend on how well your team can hit and well, Greinke unfortunately plays for the Royals. Greinke posted a 2.16 ERA. In the American League that is just down right filthy. He also fanned 242 batters while pitching 229 innings through the course of the season. I believe that Zack Greinke deserved the Cy Young.

The real question is how long will Zack Greinke be in Kansas City? I doubt very long. He is currently under a 4 year 38M dollar contract. However, eventually they will have to pay him like a Cy Young award winner and they will claim that they can’t. Of course they can if they want, their powers that be will say they can’t afford him and ship him away but in reality they just want to make more money. That’s the case with most small market teams.  If they broke the bank once in a while, put money into players, and put a better product out on the field in the long run they would fill more seats, sell more shirts, and make more money. It’s a shame that they cry poverty and decide to put inferior products out on the field. It’s a shame for fans that root for these mediocre teams that have no interest in competing. Fans put their heart and soul into their favorite clubs regardless of where their team resides. The truth is that owners in small markets would rather pocket all that revenue sharing money then put a good product out on the field. It’s a shame and the real reason that baseball has no parody. The Rockies, Rays, and Marlins seem to make revenue sharing work for them. Yet the Pirates and the Royals just refuse to do so. Last time I checked all the owners in Major League Baseball are disgustingly rich not just George Steinbrenner and Frank McCourt.

By Michael “Genevosey” Genovese

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