Varitek exercises option to remain with Red Sox

varitekVaritek exercises option to remain with Red Sox I have a tear in my eye for the Red Sox. When they gave Varitek his last contract they could not have seen it coming that he would be horrible. Then I think I saw Theo in a church praying that Jason wouldnt pick up his 3 mil dollar player option. However Theo’s prayers were not answered as the catcher who threw out only 10 of 118 base runners attempting to steal last season will remain with the Red Sox as a three  million dollar Back up.  Thats more than  what the best backup in the game made last year. (Jose Molina)made. Making that much money to be the worst back-up in the game is making Molina smile because he is up for a new contract and If the Yankees don’t give him more I would think he will feel insulted. If the Red Sox were smart they would have paid him not to pick up the option.

Victor Martinez will be their starting catcher and he has a great bat. He is not that strong defensively but thats why you have a back up Someone you can put in late in the game for defense and to play on those days that your regular guy is off. Unless you are the Red Sox. Then you sit back and pray that you don’t need to use your backup because he cant throw anyone out and he cant hit. Oh and here comes the best part. He is the team Captain!  ha ha ha ha ok ok seriously, not a good thing for the Red Sox you want a real good laugh check out his stats catching Tim Wakefield.

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