Tearing up Rob the ney sayer

Gold_glove_award_eric_chavez ESPN analyst(overpaid blogger) Rob Neyer wrote this dandy of a piece where he disagrees with the selections for  the gold gloves in the American league. Lets take a look at the picks vs who he thinks should have won the award and why I think he is an idiot.  Joe Mauer took the award for catcher. I don’t have a problem with this pick at all Mauer is awesome behind the plate and undoubtedly the best offensive catcher in baseball. Rob thought it should have gone to Gerald Laird. Laird is good but he cant do the things Mauer can do. At first base Mark Teixeira gets the nod, Rob thinks Kevin Youkilis should have. (big surprise someone from ESPN favoring a Red Sox)I have never seen a better fielder than Mark Teixeira. Certainly not Kevin Youkilis. At Short Stop Derek Jeter got the award. Now this is the one that I agree with the Ney man. He thinks that Elvis Andrus should have won it and I couldn’t agree more. Andrus was unbelievable in the field while Jeter was better than his average but not anywhere’s close to Andrus. He goes on to make ignorant statements like Tori Hunter and Ichiro only won them because they won them in the past. Almost suggesting that the voters were just to lazy to check. But again I did agree with him on preferring Franklin Gutierrez over Adam Jones. Jones is good but I agree Gutierrez made some catches that were just not humanly possible. I also have no problem with Even Longoria winning the award. There really isn’t anyone else in the running. As far as Buehrle goes, its so tough to pick a pitcher do to the fact that they don’t often have to field.  I guess he is as good as anyone so I have no argument there. Now Second base I don’t agree with Rob or the selection committee. The award went to Placido Polanco. Rob says Dustin Pedroia ( again ESPN liking the Red Sox) I personally would have gone with Robinson Cano. Now I may be a little bias being a Yankees fan and all. But Cano was my pick. Now I know you all think I’m crazy, and if it weren’t for the 12 errors he made he may have stood a chance. He makes plays that neither Pedroia or Polanco would ever even touch. But Polancos 2 errors all year long for a guy that is 34 years old is just subhuman so I guess the committee was right. As for Pedroia, that’s just the ranting of a crazy man.

Rob was right with a couple of his picks but as for the rest you can tell that he is a Red Sox ESPN employee.

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