Post World Series questions will soon need some answers

damjet I know the World Series has just ended and they haven’t been world champs for even 24 hours yet but its time to start thinking about who will stay and who will go before next season . There are a number of players that are either free agents, have options or were just rentals to begin with.Some of these players we will say goodbye to, some will be offered a contract. Perhaps we should start to look at a couple of the big question marks. The two biggest are Matsui and Damon.  Now I personally believe that Matsui may have just hit himself into another contract. But when I say that we have to look at it realistically. Matsui is 35 years old and made 13 million last season and had had surgery on both knees. Do to these bad knees he did not play in the field in 2009. At times he looked like he was 90 years old running the bases but looked better running the bases towards the end of the season.  Now Im not going to sit here and tell you that he is ready to play in the field again only the Drs, trainers,coaches and Matsui himself can make that determination. What I can tell you is that even if he cant it would be a benefit to the Yankees to sign him for one more year. Granted we cannot pay him the 13 million that he made in 2009 that would be foolish. However if he likes NY and wants to stay I think an eight million dollar deal with incentives would not be horrible. Perhaps with a team option for a second year for an additional 5 million. If Matsui goes out tests the free agency waters he will certainly find interest. Seattle comes to mind as a team that he would fit in with well. He can probably even get a muti year deal elsewhere, however there aren’t many of these teams that can offer him contention at the 2010 WS.

As for Johnny Damon it appears that both sides have interest in him returning and I am confident that a deal will be reached.Damon is 36 and had a career season. Unlike Matsui Damon had good knees and can still steal a bag. His weakness is that he has a below average throwing arm. However he is still an asset to the lineup and a very productive hitter. I would give him a 2 year 14 million dollar deal that would be worth up to 20 million with incentives.

There are some other players that we have to wonder what will do with such as Hinske,Guzman,Nady,Hairston and a few other players namely pitchers that we will take closer looks at over the coming weeks. My guess is that Hairston will be given some kind of deal to to his versatility and Hinske will be invited to spring training on a minor league deal with a chance to compete for a 25 man roster spot and Guzman will probably be designated for assignment. Nady could be a wild card he is very popular with the other players and he is still quite young.

chien-mingwang Also what will become of Chin Ming Wang ? There was speculation that the Yankees may non-tender him but I don’t see it. I think they will wait it out and see how it goes. Wang is only 29 years old and lets not forget he was a 19 game winner two years in a row and had the most wins of any pitcher over that period of time.

The Yankees have a lot of questions to be answered and now its time to slowly start thinking about them. But first lets enjoy the parade.

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