Everyone step away from the ledge

default All day I have been fielding E-mails and  reading articles about the fact that many of you believe that the Yankees are going to blow it because AJ Burnett got roughed up. I’m here to tell you all to step back away from the ledge and certainly don’t even think about jumping. The Yankees are still in the Drivers seat.  Game six will feature the man who holds the record for the most post season victories in the history of the game, Andy Pettitte, he will be facing off against an old nemesis in Pedro Martinez. Two pitchers that have faced off so many times before. The difference here is that Pedro is not the same pitcher that he once was and Andy Pettitte is still the brilliant work Horse that he has always been. I will admit that after Andy’s melt down in the second half of 2008 I was a skeptic about signing him and I had doubts as to whether or not he would ever be the same pitcher that he once was. I was wrong Pettitte is a big game pitcher and has been huge this post season. He is 3-0 with an ERA of 3.24 in 25 innings Andy has given up 22 hits and struck out 23  giving up 9 runs along the way.

Pedro Martinez  started game 2 for the Phillies and pitched well. The Yankees ended up getting to him and Winning the game. Martinez back in 2000 was an unstoppable force but now he really isn’t fooling anyone and the Yankees having seen his 89 MPH fastball in game two should be all over it.

One of the big differences in game six as opposed to game two will be Alex Rodriguez.  In game two Alex was in a slump but now he has found his pre world series mojo.

Lets assume for a minute that somehow the Phillies work out a win in game six.  In game Seven the Yankees will bring CC Sabathia to the mound on short rest. I believe that CC is almost better on short rest. It forces him to slow down and focus and he becomes more of a dominant force than he already is. CC has been incredible all season. In this post-season he is 3-1 with an ERA of 1.98. Sabathia has thrown 36 innings and only given up eight earned runs. Sabathia is hardest on himself and is truly the definition of  a team player when he gets mad he gets unhittable.

On the other side of the coin we have to ask who will the Phillies run out there? Basically as I see it they have three choices.

1. Cole Hamels – Hamels was last years MVP, this year he has been awful. He is 1-2 with an ERA of 7.58

2. JA Happ_ Happ had a decent season this year . But like Hamels has been less than brilliant in the postseason with an ERA of 6.75. He has only started one post game this post season and has worked out of the bull-pen in 5 others. Results were not good.

3. Cliff Lee on short rest- Lee has been absolutely Brilliant and If the Phillies somehow pull out another world series championship he will certainly be the MVP, but Lee has never in his career pitched on short rest and it would seem that now might not be the best time to experiment with whether or not he would be affective. It would be a big risk, one that I would probably take if I were them, but having watched the way Charlie Manual manages I think he goes with Hamels.

The Yankees took two of three in Philadelphia. A place where the Phillies had the advantage. The National league rules forced the Yankees to take Hideki Matsui from the starting line-up. Matsui is .308 in the post season with 3 HR and 7 RBI’s. Also in the game that AJ Burnett started they went with Molina instead of Jorge Posada who has 8 post season RBI’s. Back at Yankee stadium the bombers gain back all this offensive production.  Cliff Lee is the only Pitcher for the Phillies that has gotten a win in this World Series and having pitched yesterday he is probably done for this year.

So if anyone should be standing a little to close to the edge at least for now it shouldn’t be the Yankees.

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