My Problem With Yankee Stadium


I have a big issue with the Yankee faithful during the first two games of the World Series. I am a Yankee fan and have been to the new stadium twenty times this year. I have sat in all different sections of the stadium as well. The passion is in the bleachers. In the bleachers you can get a sense of “yeah we care what happens here.” However, the first two games of the World Series just didn’t have that feel for me.

Granted I watched both of those games on TV and can’t speak for the atmosphere inside the park. I can tell you it translated to the TV as being a quiet ball park. Their was a tense feeling all throughout the crowd. A friend of mine was at game two and he was sitting behind home plate in the sky suite section of the stadium. He said he was not impressed with the passion of the fans. He also went on to say that it did get loud after the Yankees tied the game up.  My problem with the whole thing is simple, where is the passion all the time? The ballpark across the street used to be rowdy all the time.  This playoff season I just don’t get that feel. I attended game one of the ALCS and I sat out in the bleachers. I can say people were fired up and it was loud. Is the World Series more subdued because of the fact the Yankees haven’t won in 9 years? It is a good question but I do feel that in order for the Yankees to get a win, if the series comes back to NY, they need that crowd to be loud and crazy the whole time.

So my open statement to the Yankee faithful; if this series comes back to the Bronx get fired up! Let the Phillies know we are there for the Yankees and not to see Kate Hudson and Jay-Z. The last thing I want is for Yankee Stadium to turn into the Staples Center. In Los Angeles people go to the Lakers game because it is a status thing. I don’t want that in the Bronx. I want the prices to be affordable and I want rabid baseball fans at these games getting loud and playing a factor in games.  Yankee fans go back and watch a tape of Aaron Boone’s homerun or Posada’s double earlier in that game and watch your reactions then. It was passion, heart, and a love for all things Yankees. Let’s get back to that!

By Michael “Genevosey” Genovese

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