game 3 is underway

After an hour and a half rain delay game three is finally here. I won’t take up a bunch of your time with a long pre-game because you are missing the action if you are reading this.

1. we are in the national league park so no DH. This benefits the Phillies. However Pettitte has pitched in the national league and is no slug with the bat.

2.Cole Hamels is a shell of the pitcher that won the World Series MVP last year. His fast ball is on a rope and has no movement on it. Look for this to benefit A-Rod.

3. Pettitte has won more  games in the post season than any other pitcher EVER. He doesn’t have four world series wins because he doesn’t come up big when it counts. Count on it!

4. Look for pitching dominance early from both sides but long about the forth inning look for the Yankees to silence the crowd with the second time thru the order.

5. Pettite has a great move to first, probably the best in baseball look for the running game of the Phillies to be stifled

5. Enjoy the game and we will talk about the aftermath tomorrow.

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