concourse 3Game one of the World Series is in the books. It was the Cliff Lee and Chase Utley show. The combination of the two put the Yankees hope for a one game lead in the World Series to bed. Cliff Lee embarrassed the entire Yankee lineup except Derek Jeter who was 3-4 at the plate and had the only Yankee extra base hit. Of course Yankee fans expect Jeter to play well on the World’s biggest stage. It’s the rest of the team that got chumped by Lee. Good news for the Yankees though because Lee can’t pitch all the games.

On the flip side CC Sabathia took the hill for the Yankees. CC threw seven full innings of 2 run ball. That is a great outing for a starter in the World Series. His only mistakes came when he threw two bad pitches to Chase Utley who promptly planted both in the seats. In the end the Yankees lost six to one.

Eleven of the last twelve World Series have been won by the team that won the first game. That is not a strong omen for the Yankees. However, tonight the Yankees see their old nemesis Pedro Martinez. This is a matchup that favors the Yankees. Their switch hitters can all take advantage of a diminished fast ball and a short porch in right field. As long as AJ Burnett shows up to pitch and doesn’t walk his normal four batters in a game I look for the Yankees to tie this series at home before heading to the equally hitter friendly park in Philadelphia.  Game two should be exciting to say the least and  I do believe this series is going to go seven games like I previously stated. Enjoy the Fall Classic.

By Michael “Genevosey” Genovese

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