To be fair about the pitching

Rob from Bronx Baseball Daily made a very fine comment on my last post that gave the Yankees the edge in all three of the first match-ups. His question is how can I give the advantage to the Yankees in each match-up without further explanation as to why. To be fair I will break my thought process down a bit.

Game 1  CC Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee

This is obviously the premiere match-up and I would say that its dead even. Lee has been great in the post season and Sabathia has been equally as dominate. I think It will come down to the bull-pens in this one and anytime you say Post Season and Mariano Rivera you have to give the edge to the Yankees.   ADVANTAGE YANKEES

Game 2  AJ Burnett vs. Pedro Martinez

AJ has not given up a HR in the Post Season and in 18 innings has given up only 14 hits and struck out 13. He does have 10 walks which is a concern. He was Shaky in one game against the Angels but has been awesome in his last two starts only allowing 3 earned runs over his last 12 innings pitched.

Pedro is 38 years old and no one can say that he wasn’t once a great pitcher. In the year 2000 there was nobody better and I’m not convinced that it wasn’t the best single season by a pitcher in the history of the game. In 217 innings Pedro gave up only 125 hits and 42 earned runs for a record of 18-6 and an ERA of 1.74. But that was then and this is now. The man who used to have fire in his belly and throw 98 mph now has to rely more on finesse and control with 89-90 being his heat. He has shown good control this year and has not walked many batters but also has given up to many hits. In 44 regular season innings he he gave up 48 hits. In Pedro’s past 5 appearances against the Yankees he is 0-2 with an era of 5.93. ADVANTAGE YANKEES

Game 3 Andy Pettitte vs. Cole Hamels

Rob brought up a good point that Hamels was last years world series MVP. This year he has been a different Cole. In the post season he is 1-1 with an ERA of 6.75. In 14.2 innings he has given up 20 hits and 6 Home Runs. He has not gone more than 5.1 innings in each of his post season starts. In the regular season he wasn’t the same guy either with a record of 10-11 and a 4.32 ERA as opposed to last year going 14-10 3.09

Andy Pettitte is the King of the post season with a sparkling post season record of 16-9 with an ERA of 3.83. He has been good this year as well. In the post season he is 2-0 with an ERA  of  2.37. He has pitched 19 innings giving up only 17 hits with 2 HR and has walked only 3 batters. He has also recorded 15 K’s He has gone into the 7th in each of his post season games and would be 3-0 if it were not for a slight hiccup with the Yankees Bull-Pen. 16 Post season wins kids is the record. The most wins in the post season in the history of baseball. Andy has appeared in the post season 38 times against 9 times for Hamel.


Their you have it guys, why I have the Yankees with the advantage in all three games. Now I realize that numbers and advantages and all that doesn’t get you a cup of coffee unless you have .89 cents to go with it but that is the great thing about the World Series anything can happen. Will it be the pitching or the best in baseball hitting that wins it for the Yankees? Or will it all be for not only to watch it all slip away in a series loss?

Tell you one thing, I will be on the edge of my seat for every pitch of every game!

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