Position players comparison

a-rod Having looked at our starting pitchers lets take a quick look at the position players head to head.


For the Phillies it is Carlos Ruiz who batted .255 with 9 home runs and 43 RBI’s in the regular season.Ruiz is having a better post season than he did a regular season batting .346 with 7 RBI’s

For the Yankees its Jorge Posada. Posada batted .285 with 22 HR and  85 RBI’s. That is awesome considering he missed most of the month of may due to injury. Posada isn’t having as good of a post season as Ruiz but has been here so many times before.  ADVANTAGE YANKEES

First Base:

Ryan Howard for the Phillies is a monster. He batted .279 with 45 HR and 141 RBI’s. Those numbers aren’t even human.Ryan so far is having a great post season batting .355

Mark Teixeira for the Yankees has been great all season. Probably a front runner for the AL MVP Mark batted .292 with 39 HR and 132 RBI’s.

Offensively Howard is probably the only guy better than Teixeira. Defensively I believe that Mark may very well be the best in baseball and probably among the best ever. This one is EVEN

Second Base:

The Phillies have a guy named Chase Utley manning second base.he batted .282 with 31 HR and 93 RBI’s. So far this post season Chase is batting .303 with 2 RBI’s

Robinson Cano is at second for the Yankees. After having a horrible 2008 Cano and his never give up attitude turned it all around and had a career year batting .32o with 25 HR and 85 RBI. In the post season Cano is batting only .229 but has made his hits count with 5 RBI’s

another tough matchup Cano sometimes struggles at the plate with runners in scoring position. Utley had better Power numbers at the plate and hits very well with runners in scoring position. Cano is a better fielder who has probably one of the strongest arms of any second baseman in the game today. Utley also has speed that Cano doesn’t bring to the base pads having swiped 23 bases this season without being caught. However he only has 2 Stolen bases in the post season. Its another  EVEN

Short Stop

You can’t say enough great things about Derek Jeter. He continues to amaze year in and year out. This year they moved him to the lead off spot and he thrived. Jeter batted .334 with 212 hits and stole 30 bases only getting caught 5 times. You can also add 18 HR from a guy who is not known as a power hitter. If I had to describe Jeter in one word it would be clutch.

For the Phillies its Jimmy Rollins who had 22 HR this season and had 31 stolen bases with a batting average of .250.

Derek Jeter has more world series rings than anyone else playing in this series and brings so many intangible things to the Yankees and to every game he plays.He already has 3 HR and 5 RBI’s this post season. ADVANTAGE YANKEES

Third Base

The Phillies third baseman is Pedro Feliz who batted .266 during the regular season and is having a horrible post season batting only .161 with one RBI

Alex Rodriguez is having one of the greatest post seasons in the history of the game he is batting .438 with 5 HR and 12 RBI”s . During the regular season Alex missed the entire month of April and still finished with 30 HR and 100 RBI’s. Alex could very well be the best player in the history of the game and certainly is having a Post Season of historic proportions. ADAVNTAGE YANKEEs

Tomorrow we will look at the outfielders the bull pen and the benches in preparation for Game one on Wednesday. We will also try to make some predictions for game one and the entire series.

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