Game one starting pitchers compared

Lets take a look at the two World Series competitors position by position starting with our game one starting pitchers.

CLee-768977 For the Phillies it starts with Cliff Lee. During the regular season Cliff was 14-13 with an ERA of 3.22 . Cliff pitched 231 innings giving up 245 hits. Cliff gave up only 24 HR and struck out 181 batters. Cliff is the Reigning Cy Young recipient after going 22-3 with the Indians. Lee is an Ace by every definition of the word a control pitcher that works the corners well and keeps his opponent off balance. Sense coming to the Phillies from Cleveland his record is 7-4 with an ERA of 3.39.

For the Yankees it’s Carston Charles Sabathia that holds the title of Ace. Also a former Indian and past Cy Young recipient CC pitched 230 innings giving up 197 hits for an ERA of 3.37. CC has given up only 18 HR and walked 67 . His 197 strikeouts was good for 13th in the league. CC is a power pitcher with a mid 90’s fastball and large_cc327a sharp biting slider. He finished the year with a record of 19-8 and  brings new meaning to the word workhorse with a 3-0 record in this years post season and a sparkling 1.19 ERA.

I call this match up to close to call they are totally different pitchers and I think it will be a low scoring affair. If you put the screws to me and force me to pick one it would be CC only because I think he has a higher potential of going the entire 9 innings. Lee gave up more hits than innings pitched during the regular season and against the Yankees that spells trouble.

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