Game 6 Tonight


This evening my roommate and good friend from the will be in attendance in the Bronx as the Yankees try to take game six and the series from the Angels.  First off, I am jealous of his ability to go to this game.  Secondly, he and all of us Yankees fans better hope the Yankees win tonight. If they do not they are in serious trouble of losing this series.

A team never wants to have their foot on the throats of a team and let up. You never want to give a team a chance to inch back into it.  I expected the Angels to take two out of three games in Anaheim. They did win 97 games this year. It’s not like they suck. They do not. In fact they are the second best team in the American League and it is showing. The Yankees bullpen is sketchy at best now as everyone except Mo Rivera and Dave Robertson of all people have struggled in the postseason. If Andy Pettitte does not give an outstanding performance tonight the Yankees can lose this game.

With that being said they are still in a good spot.  All the 2004 analogies should stop right now. This is nothing like 2004. In 2004 the Yankees smashed through the first three games. Then they preceded to get smoked four games in a row. That is not the case this time around. The Yankees are up three games to two. If I would have told you that at the start of the series we would be up three games to two with two games left in the Bronx all Yankee fans would be down on their knees thanking  Jesus Christ himself.

By Michael “GeneVosey” Genovese

UPDATE: Game six was postponed until tomorrow night at 8:00. Both teams are still going with the scheduled game six starters. This may benefit the Angels should there be a game seven, the Angels may decide to start Lachey on short rest.

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