Heading Back to the Bronx

concourse 2The New York Yankees lost a heart breaker last night.  I won’t recap the game because it is obvious what took place. The Yankees rallied like they have been doing all year and their bullpen blew it. It’s as simple as that. What was the strongest part of the team heading into the playoffs has been shaky at best in the postseason. Phil Hughes has been a shell of himself all postseason long. Hughes hasn’t been bad per say, he just hasn’t been the same pitcher who absolutely dominated the regular season.

With this being said I do not put last nights loss on Joe Girardi for over doing his job or under doing it for that matter. The bottom line on last nights game is six runs no matter when you get them should be enough to win the game.  The bullpen didn’t perform. AJ Burnett was lights out after the first inning. It’s not a good sign for a ball club trying to win a Pennant when their late inning bullpen can’t hold down a two run lead.

The Yankees now turn to Andy Pettitte. On paper Yankee fans should be pleased with this. Andy is the winningest pitcher in postseason history. However, he hasn’t beaten the Angels since 2007. Issue? I don’t think so. If Andy can give the Yankees seven innings of three run ball then the Yankees can take this game at home and head off to the fall classic.  If they don’t……well then things get interesting.

By Michael “Genevosey” Genovese

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