The fat lady is warming up her pipes

bigwin Although it is not over until the fat lady finally sings the 2 runs that the Phillies scored in the ninth inning gave them a 5-4 Victory over the Dodgers and a commanding 3-1 victory in the NCLS best of 7 series.

But don’t count your chickens yet Philadelphia on Wednesday the Dodgers will have Vicente Padilla on the mound who has been just short of brilliant this post season. After being released by the Rangers Padilla was picked up by the Dodgers, and boy did this turn out well for them. He finished 14-6 in the regular season and in the post season he has been brilliant. Padilla has only given up 1 run in 14 post season innings posting a sparkling ERA of .085. In turn the Phils will bring Cole Hamels who has not been so good in the post season. In Hamels last 2 starts he has not been able to get out of the fifth inning and is sporting an ERA of 6.97. In 10 innings he has given up 8 earned runs. On Thursday (if needed) the Phils will start Pedro Martinez vs TBA for the Dodgers.

The Phillies definitely have the advantage here as they have put the Dodgers in do or die mode forcing them to pull out all the stops in an effort to keep their World Series hopes alive. If the Dodgers do win forcing a game 6 the dodgers will have their work cut out for them as Pedro went 7 innings only allowing 3 hits in his first postseason start and did not allow a run with three strikeouts. There are a bunch of teams out there that wish that they had taken a harder look at Pedro as he was very good in a shortened season with the Phillies. Pedro went 5-1 with an ERA of 3.63.

I predict that the Dodgers will win on Wednesday and I’m holding out a game six prediction until the Dodgers announce who will be their starter.

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