Here come the Angels

ALDS Yankees Twins BaseballI finding it harder and harder to recap the games because its the same old thing. The Yankees win 4-1 and Alex Rodriguez is the hero. blah blah blah, Just kidding.

The Yankees got to beat up on Carl Pavano who didnt pitch all that poorly but did take the loss giving up two home runs.  To listen to the announcers though you would have thought that Pavano was the second coming of Christ and just brilliant. He was ok but does it really matter if you give up two runs or eight if the result is a loss?

In turn I thought Andy Pettitte pitched better going six and a third only giving up one run on three hits striking out seven putting him in a tie John Smoltz for the most post season wins with 15.

The ALDS MVP of course goes to A-Rod with six RBI’s and Two home runs. If he can keep this going he will certainly have one of the greatest post seasons of all time. The starting pitching for the Yankees has been nothing short of brilliant. Anyone that says the Yankees don’t have the best rotation in the post season is insane.

I do feel a little bad that the Yankees are not going through the Red Sox to get to the world series but here come the Angels. Bring It!

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