Playoff update


The Divisional Playoffs are underway and so far they are living up to the hype. We have seen walk off wins in both leagues, bad calls, outstanding defensive plays, and solid pitching.  Just think, it’s only the divisional series. I can only imagine what the championship series have in store for the fans out there. The question has to be is who will be playing in the AL and NL Championship Series?

  • The Dodgers vs. The Cardinals

The LA Dodgers and Joe Torre have jumped up on the Cards 2-0. Everyone and their sister have the Cardinals coming of the national league. What they forgot was that they had to play a team in the first round that is managed by Joe Torre. Torre has decided to completely pitch around Albert Pujols. Torre said after game two about game three, “I’m still going to make somebody else beat me.” Torre has intentionally walked Pujols 3 times. They have also held him to just one single in six at bats. Pujols has not had one at bat with runners in scoring position. The Dodgers also got help from Matt Holliday in the ninth inning of game two. Holliday dropped a fly ball that lead to the Dodgers walk off win. It is hard for even the best teams to come back from being down two games to none in a five game series. The Dodgers send out jerk of the year award winner Vincent Padilla to try to shut down the Cardinals. I just can’t bet against a Joe Torre managed team. The Dodgers take this series back in St. Louis.

  • The Phillies vs. The Rockies

The Phillies and the Rockies game three is postponed due to snow in Colorado. The series is tied one game a piece. Cliff Lee has proven to be the best thing since sliced bread. He threw a complete game in the first game of the series giving the Phillies a one to nil lead. The Rockies came storming back in game two. Cole Hamels who after being driven out of the game left the game to be with his wife who just went to labor. It’s ok because the Phillies didn’t need him anymore. Hamels got rocked letting up four runs, 7hits in five innings. I still think that the Phillies will end the Cinderella Rockies chances of playing in the next series. With the day off the Phillies get to throw out J.A. Happ instead of Pedro Martinez. Either way it shapes up nice pitching wise for Philadelphia. Game three is Sunday.

  • The Red Sox vs. The Angels

The Angels who play every game with a heavy heart since the lost of their rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart early in the season are over powering the Red Sox’s. The Angels are the best hitting team in baseball with 9 players hitting over .300. Their pitching is sick with Joe Saunders, John Lackey and the rest. Meanwhile the Red Sox are not hitting and their pitching is lacking as well. The Angels will sweep Boston.

  • The Yankees vs. The Twins

The Yankees won in dramatic fashion last night with another walk off win. Alex Rodriguez who has been going bananas in this series continued last night. He had 2 game tying hits. The first one was a single to left that scored Derek Jeter from second. The next was a moon shot to center field that tied the game in the bottom of the ninth. Mark Teixeira officially became a Yankee last night with a one run “wall scraper” as Teix put it after the game for the walk off win and a subsequent pie in the face.  This was the 4th walk off run win against the Twins this year for the Yankees. Sunday is game three and the Yankees and Andy Pettitte look to finish off the sweep. Everything seems to be going right for the Yankees. A team that is down by two runs in the ninth inning but still feels like they can win the game is a very dangerous team. The Yankee lineup is deadly from top to bottom. Now that A-Rod has gotten off to a hot playoff start it will be extremely difficult for the Twins to win three straight games.

By Michael Genovese

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3 Comments on “Playoff update”

  1. mike rook Says:

    Dodgers vs Yankees for sure

  2. Genevosey Says:

    I am thinking Dodgers Yankees. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

  3. Mr P Says:

    Interesting results thus far. Cards and Sox both swept. Twins going that way and Rockies/Phil split after two.
    Rockies- Yanks World Series?

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