Congratulations Detroit

winners Yes Congrats go out to the Tigers for being the first team in the history of baseball to blow a three game lead with four games to go. They should be proud of their accomplishment. So the Twins are in and in dramatic fashion as Alexi Casilla singled home the 12th inning winning run to lead the Twins to a walk off 6-5 victory.

The celebration is short lived as they now have to take the red eye to NY to get ready to face the well rested Yankees after a grueling 12 inning game. As a Yankee fan who could ask for anything more than a team that has just had a 12 inning game  and a tired bull pen as a first round opponent against CC Sabathia.

The well rested Yankee ace should have no problem mowing down the free swinging Justin Mournouless Twins. Yea Yea what about Joe Mauer? If the bombers a smart he will be Barry Bonded and walked three times in four at bats.

The Twins will start Brian Duensing 3-2 who has only had 8 starts this year and has given up 84 hits in 84 innings. Not exactly lights out. With the Twins being Lefty heavy the Yankees opted for Damaso Marte over Freddy  Guzman at least for the ALDS. Back later with much more.

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