It all comes down to this

Entering Game 162, the Twins and Tigers are in a must-win mindset. Both stuck at records of 85-76, today will decide the fates of the Central foes. In the Metrodome’s last regular season game (ever), the Twins send Carl “I’m a bum” Pavano to the mound to face the ever weak Royals offense. When Mike Jacobs is you clean-up hitter, there’s a problem. How Dayton Moore has kept his job is unknown to most everyone. The Royals are pitching Luke Hochevar, whose 6.24 ERA is most certainly putting smiles upon the faces of the Minnesota hitters. The Tigers, meanwhile, send ace Justin Verlander out to face the at least somewhat impressive White Sox offense.  Unfortunately for Detroit, they’ll also have to line up against lefty Jon Danks and his 3.69 ERA. The Twins obviously have the easier match-up, but I truly believe the Tigers have the better team, especially since Minnesota is without Justin Morneau (Yes, Michael Cuddyer has been great, but don’t act like they wouldn’t be better off with Morneau available.)

Yankees fans have an interesting dilemma at their hands. Root for Carl “Banned from ever coming back to Gotham” Pavano since the Yanks could beat the Twins easier than they could beat the Tigers in the first round. OR root for the Tigers and hope that bum in Minnesota gets booed off the field and is forever hated by Twins fans. There is another option though. Hope that both teams lose. If both teams lose (or win), they’ll play a one game playoff (A la San Diego-Colorado “Matt Holliday Slide” Game in ’07) at the Metrodome. In this case, both teams would be more tired out before the division series starts on October 7th (assuming we choose the A-Schedule), Pavano couldn’t be a hero, and the Metrodome would go out in style.

How cool would that be? The last game at the Metrodome is a must win between division rivals with a playoff spot on the line? The Twins would literally be playing for the privilege of playing there again. No matter what team you’re a fan of (unless you’re a Tigers fan), you’d have to love that story line. What a way to close (or keep open) a stadium.

Root for both teams to win (or lose) today, because a Metrodome playoff would be a game to remember.

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One Comment on “It all comes down to this”

  1. mike rook Says:

    playoff it is! I hope the game goes 15 innings and the winner uses every reliever they got. LOL

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