The Playoffs are Upon Us.


Finally, playoffs are here. Next week the Yankees, Angels, Red Sox, and Tigers or the Twins will vie for a chance at the American League Championship. The Dodgers, Rockies, Phillies, and the Cards try to get to the Series in the NL.  A real fan gets as nervous as Jake Taylor before he lays down that bunt in the 9th. There is nothing like playoff baseball. A game that can change at the drop of a hat and has a funny way of always doing just that takes a serious turn every October. The games have a sense of urgency that you see every week in the NFL. Nobody wants to lose any games and the baseball motto of “there is always tomorrow” vanishes into thin air.  It’s Fall baseball, it’s October, and the next stop is the Fall Classic and a chance at glory.

The Yankees take on the winner of the AL Central. As of the time of this posting the Twins are beating the Royals 4-1 and the Tigers play later. The Twins are down 1 game with 2 left to play. Either way on paper the matchup favors the Yankees. The Yanks are 5-1 against the Tigers, and 7-0 against the Twins. The Yankees have a powerhouse this year. They swing the bats, their starting pitching is outstanding, and their pen is lights out in the 8th and the 9th with Hughes and Mo Rivera.  The Yankees will be a tough team to beat in a 5 game series.  If the Yankees had to choose they would rather play the Tigers who are struggling to hold on to the Central then the red hot Twins who are surging right now.

The Angels have 9 guys who hit .300 or better. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate that for a second. That’s a better average then Tony Soprano had at chasing tail.  However, the Red Sox are the Red Sox and they are a seasoned post season team. The main concern for the Red Sox is will Josh Beckett straighten up for the playoffs. He has been markedly better in his last 3 starts allowing 1R, 0R, 3R respectively. Before the last 3 he was getting hammered letting up 27R in his last 5 starts.  So Red Sox Nation has to ask which Beckett is going to show up.  Either way I am taking Weaver, Saunders, and Lackey over a shaky Beckett, a banged up Lester, and whomever they choose to throw out there for the 3rd game regardless of who it is. Wakefield has had back problems and Matsuzaka has major question marks all over him.

Either way it should be an entertaining ALDS to say the least. Actually I am pulling for my Yankees and I am just glad Cleveland didn’t make so we don’t get screwed by their cheating bugs again. I will be back tomorrow with the NLDS thoughts.

By Michael Genovese

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