The Best of the playoff races

Twins Tigers BaseballWith most of the play-offs already decided the one race that remains at the forefront is the American League Central . The Twins and the Tigers are seperated by only two games. After splitting a double header today the lead for the Tigers is still two with two games left to play against each other and each team with a total of five games remaining.

You have to give the Tigers the advantage if only because they are the ones with the lead. Tomorrow It will be Carl Pavano (13-11) for the Twins vs Eddie Bonine (0-1) for the Tigers. Pavano has had a relatively injury free year after being named the” Raja of Rehab” during his time with the NY Yankees. Bonine is a September call up who although still wet behind the ears has good stuff. Still Pavano is a seasoned veteran, advantage Twins.

So who do I think will win the Division? It will be the Twins. The Twins after playing the Next two games against the Tigers finish the season with three against the awful Kansas City Royals. The Tigers on the other hand finish up against the White Sox who are a much more talented team and could be a spoiler. Only time will tell. The Twins will need at least a split over the next two games if they are to have a chance.

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