The often overlooked Hit man

ichirohitsDerek Jeter this Derek Jeter that. There is no doubt that Jeter and his 2724  hits over 14 seasons  is very impressive and I would say he has a chance at passing Pete Rose on the all time hit list if he can play another 8 years with decent production. But I want to  talk about someone who is often overlooked when discussing the best hitters in the game, Ichiro Suzuki has set a MLB Record with his 9th consecutive season of 200 or more hits. If you include what Ichiro did in Japan he has 2003 hits and is the same age as Derek. 200 Hits a year is amazing but to do it nine years in a row is unbelievable. To put it in perspective Jeter in the last 14 years has only had 200 hits 6 times, so to do it 9 years in a row, amazing. Ichiro is on a small market team in a remote corner of the country and doesn’t get the air time that Derek Jeter gets but when you look at his total package he is more than just a hit machine. He also has a cannon for an arm and can cover an amazing amount of ground do to his incredible speed. His speed has led to a career 339 stolen bases and he has not hit below .300 sense 1993 ,his Rookie year in Japan, So while everyone talks about Derek Jeter (wh9m I love by the way) lets try and remember there is another hit man out there that might even be better. Just not as popular.

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