Some Quick Playoff Predictions


I am suffering from the concussion still but I have to get my Playoff thoughts in real quick. It will be quick and dirty just like I like it.

  1. AL East is a lock. The Yanks are the best team in baseball and they are not going to blow a 6 game lead in a month, not the way they are playing.  The starting pitching is outstanding the bullpen is lights out. Its a done deal.
  2. The AL Central is weak overall but the Tigers are going to pull it off. Their starting pitching there is exceptional with Verlander and Jackson as the 1 2 punch. The Twins and the White Sox are just not good enough to catch.
  3. The Angles are golden in the west as well. I like the Rangers. I think they are talented and are going to make noise in the wild card but the Angels have 9 guys who bat .300 or better. There is no way they are letting up in the West
  4. The AL Wild Card:  The race if you will. The Rays look like they have given up by trading Kazmir but I don’t know if that is true. They are still talented and could pull it off. The real race it appears on paper is between the Sox who are 2 1/2 games up on the Rangers. I think the Rangers are a better team right now. The Sox’s pitching staff is not good. It was their strong suite at the beginning of the year and now it is depleted. Even Wakefield who is 11-3 and coming of the DL has been scratched from his next start.  Boston just doesn’t have the pitching talent to compete with the Rangers down the stretch. In the end I am giving the Wild Card to the Rangers.

I will be back with my NL predictions at a later date. Be Easy everyone.

By Michael Genovese

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