random baseball thoughts

Here are a few Random thoughts about Baseball. They are not in any particular order just some thoughts and observations I have.

Joe Mauer must win the American League MVP. numbers are ridiculous. He is currently batting .375 with .373 with 25 HR and 79 RBI. His Fielding Percentage is .995. He is not throwing out Base runners at an alarming rate but he is not embarrassing himself either.Its the .373 Batting average in August that is sub human. Is it possible he could hit .400? Not likely but not impossible.

Some other candidates for AL MVP would be Mark Teixeira who is batting .286 with 31 HR and 96 RBI , and my personal favorite Derek Jeter who is batting .330 with 17 HR and 60 RBI he also has 22  stolen bases. He also has a .987 fielding % with only 6 errors on the year. Ok I changed my mind Jeter must win the MVP.

Zack Greinke should win the Cy Young he is currently 12-8 with a league leading ERA of .243. He also leads the American league in Strikeouts with 197. However Felix Hernandez should give him a run for it.

The Batting title will go to Joe Mauer, no need for discussion there.

It seems the Angels have or are closing in on a deal to trade for Scott Kazmir. This makes no sense for the Rays who are only 3.5 games out of the wildcard. Kaz has struggled a bit this year but still has filthy stuff. Two days ago I predicted that Tampa would come back and win the wild card. Now I can only believe that the Rays have thrown in the towel and leave the fight between the Rangers and the Red Sox.

The Yankees fifth spot in the rotation is awful. Granted its not a huge concern being that they are the best team in baseball. But with a long reliever needed in the pen for the playoffs I would think they would benefit from picking up a Brad Penny or trying out one of their minor leaguers.The Rangers are tough, and with the Rays giving up I have to think they are the favorite for the wildcard. Boston currently leads the wildcard race by 1.5 games but the Rangers are just flat out a better team.

What is the record for the most walk off victories in a season. The Yankees have 11. That’s the most I have ever seen.

In the national league Albert Pujols is really the only choice for the MVP he is currently batting .315 with 40 home runs and 107 RBI.

The batting title will go to Hanley Ramirez who is batting .364.

I like Colorado in the National league to continue to bring it and win the NL Pennant

I feel bad for the Mets having their entire team on the DL. 88 million in salary on the dl is more than the salary for the Florida Marlins. That is hilarious.

The biggest surprise for me is that the Cubs suck so bad. At the beginning  of the season I picked them to win it all. Can’t believe I just admitted to that.

When its all said and done the World series that I want to see is Yankees vs Rockies. I used to want to see the Yankees v Dodgers but the Rockies really are better.


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