Nick Green for the CY Young

Not the Best video in the World but you get the point. The Red Sox took a little something out of the Yankees Play book and let a Nick pitch in a blowout game to help save the bull pen. However Green as opposed to the Yankees Swisher had some gas. Now Granted he only threw fastballs, but those fastballs were in the low 90’s. Their are guys that pitch everyday that cant hit that on the Gun. He pitched 2 scoreless innings and did not give up a hit. He did walk three batters. It gives me pause and makes me wonder why more players don’t play a position and also pitch. You know like the Babe did back in the day. Well to me the answer is simple,Money! Pitchers arms are treated like gold and risking their golden arm or any other part of their body while playing a position is just to risky for the money that they make.

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