It’s ok to be hated

Aj Pierzynski is proud to be the most hated man in the game. It’s cool that he has so much fun playing the part of being the bad boy of baseball. To tell you the truth there are a lot of players that I think should be on the list for most hated. Here is my top 5 most hated players in the game.

5. Vicente Padilla- Its one thing to throw at people. Its another thing to be such a bad teammate and player that your team releases you just because you are clubhouse cancer.

4. Kevin Youkilis– Kevin although a very talented ball player goes at the game with a hot temper. He plays dirty and picks fights with people half his size. plus if your going to be bald shave the beard you look dumb

3.Nick Swisher– Any player that needs a publicist who write his tweets for him is just a douche.

2. David Ortiz– Dude you cheated. Now you are going to stand up there and blame shift? Be a man own up to it your fans will forgive.

1. Jonathon Puppybon– I have never heard someone so arrogant in all my life. The way he treated Billy Wagner ( a future Hall of Famer) and his love for himself just make me sick to my stomach.

There you have it the 5 most hated players as seen through my eyes. Hey i didn’t even notice that there are 3 Red Sox on the list. huh, go figure.

How about the 5 most loved players

5. Joe Mauer- A true professional and a great teammate. Does a lot of good charity work and runs out every play.

4. David Wright– Is the most humble superstar I have ever seen. will never take credit for anything. A true team player

3. Mariano Rivera– He just isn’t human, probably the greatest closer of all time and just a pleasure to watch pitch. He does so much for kids and the game and is always a good sport.

2. Tori Hunter- Just another guy that is a good teammate and plays the game the right way.

1.Derek Jeter– A lot of people hate Jeter. Mainly because he is a Yankee. This guy is also superhuman. He works so hard. In the off season he always wants to be better the next year. A leader on and off the field always is the true professional that never argues and produces like no other. A true leader and captain.

There you have it folks the top 5 to hate and to love as seen by me. Whats that you disagree? Well lets hear it, thats what the comment section is for. Who are your top 5’s?

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