Genevosey from the Sick Bed

I am still a hurting unit. Mike Rook has been helping me out on with some posts as well.  But I had to chime in on a couple of things real quick before my head starts to rock again.

1. Derek Jeter should win the MVP. He is batting .331 stole 20 bases, has 16 home runs, he is going to score over 100 runs and have 85 RBI.  However today he sealed the deal for me. Jeter stole third with 2 outs (risky but he had it), That steal opened up the right side of the infield and Teixera nailed a single right there and Jeter scored. That is the things that MVP’s do.

2. Billy Wagner is a Red Sox. It will not help them cause their starters suck.

3. The Rockies and Jim Tracy are a great story. I have a soft spot for Joe Torre and wish him and his Dodgers the best. I love Jim Tracy and what he has done with that team. I hope they pull it out.

Thats it for now my head is concussed and I am getting tired. Be easy and I will be back with Playoff predictions shortly.

By Michael “GeneVosey” Genovese

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