Wagner will stay put

NATIONALS METS BASEBALL I believe that there is no way this deal will happen. Their are two many things against it. In order for Wagner to waive his no trade clause he had to conditions lets look at them and why they are important to both sides.

First the Red Sox must agree not to exercise Wagner’s 2010 option. This is important to Wagner because next season he wishes to close for someone.  He is 38 years old and just a few saves away from being the all time left handed saves leader he doesn’t want to go out as a set up man.

On the Same note the Red Sox may want to keep this option because if he is still Great he would be a bargain for 8million in 2010

The Second condition is that the Red Sox agreed not to offer him arbitration. Now this is the big one. Billy Wagner will probably be classified as a type A free agent and would be worth a first round draft pick if he goes to another team after turning down arbitration. That draft pick is like gold and the Red Sox of course want it.

Now on Wagner’s side having that cost stuck on his head makes it more difficult for him to sign with another team.It will limit those who will be interested if they know they have to give up a first round pick to sign him.

If all this wasn’t enough to think about The Red Sox have their closer Jonathon Puppybon shooting off his mouth about how Boston doesn’t need Wagner and comparing him to the Eric Gange deal. When nothing could be further from the truth.

In my Opinion with Billy Wagner Boston will not make the playoffs not even as a wildcard. They lack pitching depth necessary to stay competitive with the big boys like the Yankees and the Angels come October.

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