The great Rookstradomous was wrong

wags Hey it happens occasionally I make a prediction that doesn’t fall my way. I predicted there was no way that Billy Wagner was going to go to the Red Sox and I was wrong. The part that Wagner wanted that I knew the Red Sox would never agree to was that he wanted a guarantee that they would not offer him arbitration. This would cost the Red Sox a couple of draft picks but make Wagner a better bargain because his new team next year would not have to give up those picks to sign him. The Red Sox refused to do this. Who could blame them, what it came down to was the fact that the Mets probably would have offered him arbitration anyhow. So Wagner decided to go with a team that had a chance to make the playoffs and perhaps showcase his talents for someone to sign him next year. Hopefully Puppybon will keep his arrogant fat trap shut and decide that he might be able to learn something from one of the best closers to ever play the game. But he wont because he is an arrogant ******bag. Talented or not.

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