Crawford not in Rays’ lineup due to back injury

Crawford not in Rays’ lineup due to back injury

crawford_carl0629The Rays losing Carl Crawford would be like the Yankees losing Mark Texieria. At only three games out of the wild-card I believe that the Rays are going to make the playoffs. Unlike the Red Sox and the Rangers the Rays have solid pitching in Garza,Shields,Price and Kazmir. Their records arent great but solid ERA’s for Garza and Shields and Price has great stuff. You can never rule out Kazmir either his stuff is awesome he just needs to be more consistent, but on any given day anything can happen.

Im not sold on Bostons pitching at all Beckett is their ace but lately he has pitched more like the Beckett that gave up 36 Homers his first year with Boston. He already has given up 20 and if he keeps going like he is he may pass the 36 mark. Lester has been a solid number 2 but walks to many hitters. Beyond that they are in trouble Wakefield has a good wining % because he gets good run support but his ERA is over 4 and has given up more hits than innings pitched. The new guy Tazawa doesn’t have enough playing time to have proven anything. However he to gives up to many hits. He was lucky against the Yankees and seems to always be pitching from the stretch.

Wow did I get off on a tangent this post started about Carl Crawford and we will try to end it about him. Crawford is tied for the league lead in steals and is having a hell of a career. Right now it looks like he will be fine  I hope so because he is one of the most important parts of the Rays offense. If anyone deserves to be his teams Captain its Crawford.

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