Stark: Rose will never enter Hall of Fame’s doors

pete-roseStark: Rose will never enter Hall of Fame’s doors Now Jason Stark is far from my favorite writer. None of the bloggers over at ESPN are worth much more than the paper that their trash is printed on. However I have to agree with this paragraph from the article linked above “Bud Selig will never make it happen. I know that. I’d say you could bet the beach-house mortgage on it, except I’m pretty sure all gambling analogies were also banned from Pete Rose stories for life by Bart Giamatti. But even if Selig somehow changes his mind, even if some future commissioner reopens this case, the living Hall of Famers who make up the Veterans Committee aren’t ever electing Pete Rose. Ever. These people haven’t elected Ron Santo. Haven’t elected Gil Hodges. Haven’t elected anybody — anybody — who has ever shown up on their ballot. So you think three-quarters of them are going to forgive — and vote for — the Hit King some day? Sorry. Never happening. Ever.” It is a sad truth folks but its not ever going to change. Charlie Hussle is the Hit King and you can never take that away from him, but he dug his own hole and he threw away the shovel.

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