I hate Joe Morgan/John Miller

tx_joemorgan_all OK hate is a strong word, how about I would rather douse myself in gasoline and smoke me a fat one than to have to listen to them  talk  for even one more inning. It’s not just their lack of knowledge of the game or even the getting the players names wrong. It isn’t even Morgan repeating the same things over and over but I think its the fact that he says something that’s obviously wrong than he realizes he has made a mistake and still refuses to acknowledge the fact that he is wrong. A prime example of this is when he states that Matsui hit the sweet spot on the Bat on his second home run. It was obvious that he was jammed a little in full speed not to mention the replay. So when he slows it down he says he “didn’t get all of the sweet spot” If he had said he was jammed inside but had enough strength to power it around Pesky’s pole that might have been better. Then he goes into some lame story about the sweet spot and squaring the round ball with the round bat. OH MY GOD JUST SHUT UP! He kept reiterating how Beckett gave up 5 HR and he never gives up that many. Why didn’t he talk about why the Red Sox would leave him out there for 8 innings of getting hammered. It was obvious that he didn’t have his good stuff so why leave him in there?  I would go with the fact that their bull pen,particularly their middle relief, is not very good.The end of their bull pen is ok although Paplebon needs to learn when to keep his big trap shut.

Lets talk about Jonathon Paplebons big mouth for a minute. It has been reported that Boston has made a waiver claim in on Billy Wagner who has been placed on Trade Waivers by the NY Mets. When Wagner went out to have Tommy John surgery the Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez to a long term Contract. Now that Wagner is healthy and ready to go they are looking to deal him. I heard an unconfirmed roomer that the Yankees may have expressed interest in Wagner if he had cleared waivers  which could have made Boston’s Alleged claim a block move, but that is unlikely on both counts. Anyhow on to Paplebon’s big mouth, When asked what he thought about them acquiring Wagner he said (and I’m paraphrasing) that the bull pen was fine the way it was. Then he went on to say that their is always room to get better  comparing this move to the Red Sox acquiring Erik Gagne. (who was horrible).

First lets reiterate the fact that Boston has a horrible bull pen and Wagner would be a low risk move that could only help. Paplebon’s  insecurity about being the closer and why would we need another closer can only make for bad chemistry. If I were a member of the Red Sox staff I would put a gag order on him for the rest of the season. The only words he would be allowed to say to the press is no comment.

I know this post is long and just me bitching but I want to say one more thing about Miller/ Morgan and I’m not sure who said it but one of them said that the acquisition of Victor Martinez was the best deadline move. Now I know V-mart can hit but he is a horrible catcher and they really didn’t need to add a bat as much as they need pitching.  Yeah guys good move indeed, again JUST SHUT UP!

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