Smoltz back in game, agrees to deal with Cards

Smoltz back in game, agrees to deal with Cards

smoltzfistpumpI kinda saw this coming ,although to be perfectly honest with you I thought it was going to be the Marlins up until a few days ago. The Marlins did express interest (which I saw coming a month ago,probably because of all the Fish scouts in Boston) but their interest wasn’t enough to either entice the 42 year old former star or to hold of the Cardinals. The Cards are leading the NL Central with a record of 68-53 and a 6 game lead on the Chicago cubs. Their needs are back end of the rotation and relief pitching. I think it would be foolish to believe that John Smoltz can fill their fifth starter situation, but I did see strong indications from his time in Boston that he would still have some life in a relief capacity. Most of his troubles seemed to be around the 4th or 5th inning.  For an inning or two he might be the right guy to secure the back end of the rotation. I project a 7th inning type guy that will help them get the ball to their closer Ryan Franklin who has 30 saves and a sparkling ERA of 1.16. Pitching is what makes the Cards Great and although Smoltz may or may not have anything left in the tank he is certainly worth a look. After all he is the all time post season wins leader with 15. You cant ignore that.

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