Someone please tell the Royals they are not in contention

MecheAP2Apparently the Royals at 20 games out of the wild card lead are still in contention. At least I have no other explanation on why they would tell the NY Yankees that they do not want to trade Gil Meche.

Meche is a 30 year old right who is making 11 million in 2009 and has been far from lights out. He is 5-9 with an ERA of 4.62 and has been on and off the DL. In 113 innings he has given up 120 hits striking out 89 and has given up 12 Homers. The home runs isn’t bad but the walks have to be concerning. Gil has given up 89 of them. To Meche’s Credit the last two seasons have been decent for him as he threw 200+ each year with an ERA under 4 .

You would think that the overpaid veteran would at least bring back a couple of minor leaguers and free up some salary for rebuilding. But hey the Royals must be in contention. Even though they are 20 games out of the wild card they are probably banking on the fact that they are only 15 back from winning the division.

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