Fan faces charges for throwing beer at Victorino

Fan faces charges for throwing beer at Victorino

85139944JD021_PHILADELPHIA_OK I have mixed feelings here. Yes their should be consequences for throwing a beer on the field. I think a permanent ban from attending Wrigley field ever again and perhaps a fine is enough. Apparently Victorino filed a report and the fan is being brought up on Battery charges. Battery? Here is the legal definition of Battery:  Battery is “unwanted touching or striking of another person, or anything connected to that person.” Battery is a willful violent act which causes physical harm.

Does Throwing a Beer on Shane fit this? Not even close. Maybe Harassment, Maybe Criminal Mischief, I’m sure there are plenty of little piddly things you could make of this. But Battery is not one of them. Fine the guy, Ban him from Wrigley field and tell Shane to stop being a Pansy and worry about winning the division.

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