Report: Smoltz refuses option; trade or cut next

Report: Smoltz refuses option; trade or cut next

john-smoltz-red-sox-kathryn-dardenIn case you didn’t already know John Smoltz was DFA’d by the Red Sox after a horrible outing against the Yankees. He has refused to except a minor league assignment so here is what happens next. The Red Sox have 10 days to trade him to another team or he is released and the Red Sox are on the hook for the rest of his 2009 salary.  Another team can then sign him for a pro rated amount of the league minimum based on how many games are remaining in the season or he could just choose to retire.

The Red Sox were interested in keeping him and using him out of the bull-pen.  John is no stranger to the Bull Pen as he has been a successful  closer for a good portion of his career.  This transition to the pen would have required a trip to the minors to make the adjustments needed to work from the pen.

I personally believe that he doesn’t have a problem with working out of the Bull Pen. He has always been very successful as a reliever and I believe it is probably the only way he will continue pitching  this season.

So why didn’t he except the transition from the Red Sox? It’s simple , the Red Sox just slapped him in the face, or should I say the wallet. When they signed him they agreed to pay him $35,000 every day he is on the 25 man roster. Now they want him to restructure his contract so they don’t have to pay it. If he excepts a role with another team he will collect the money owed to him by the Red Sox and the prorated amount that his acquiring team will have to pay him. If he excepts the Red Sox deal he is basically saying ok I’ll work for less money  than you said you would pay me. If there were no teams interested in picking him up, than the Red Sox deal would make sense.That isn’t the case and with no loyalty to the Red Sox my money is him ending up with a NL team who is trying to plug holes in their  bull pen for cheap in order to make a playoff run. I wounder how Smoltz would look as a Marlin?

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