Phils’ Moyer ‘disheartened’ by move to bullpen

Phils’ Moyer ‘disheartened’ by move to bullpen

Marlins Phillies BaseballShould we all be surprised that the 22 year  veteran who has a record of 256-194 is upset about being moved to the bull pen.  We should ask  why this has happened. Oh yeah because they have signed the 37 year old Pedro Martinez whos middle name has been “disabled list sense” 2005. You know, the guy that nobody else wanted to sign because of the risk. The guy that had an ERA of 5.15 against minor league hitters during his rehab starts this year.

Jamie Moyer may not be having the season that he had last year but he does have double digit wins and should have earned a certain amount of respect over the years.

Instead of moving him to the bull pen so hastily perhaps he should have just been skipped  in the rotation in favor of Pedro to see how it goes. Then if he doest fall flat on his face make a decision. However Pedro is no sure thing by any stretch of the imagination and there is more than a good possibility he will look more like the Smoltz of 2009 than the Pedro of 1999. When this happens than they are in the unique position of having already pissed Moyer off.

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