Pedro was ok in Phillies rout of Cubs

Phillies Cubs BaseballThe Phillies were all over the Cubs tonight on ESPN knocking out 14 hits in the 12-5 victory. One of the more interesting highlights of the game was a fan dumping a beer on Shane Victorino as he made a routine catch late in the game. Other than that it wasn’t a very exciting game to watch. Blow outs usually aren’t.

Pedro Martinez was OK. He wasn’t great , I wouldn’t even say he was good. He was OK. He pitched 5 innings gave up 7 hits and 3 ER striking out 5. Its enough to get the win when you have that kind of run support but I don’t think he was better than Jamie Moyer would have been. His best fastball was in the 5th and it was out of the strike zone  touching  91mph. Most of the evening he was in the upper 80’s  and when he left it out over the plate the Cubbies tagged it.

Hey I’m not going to take anything away from him he got the win. He proved he can still pitch in the MLB.(at least for today) Do I think he will be a factor in the Phillies quest for the pennant? No, If they are counting on him being a 6-7 inning guy for them they are in trouble.  If he can keep them in a few games and maybe even pitch out of the bull pen in the playoffs, then yes he was worth the money. Just not at the expense of Jamie Moyer’s loyalty. Moyer may not be a hall of famer but he is a veteran presence that brings a lot to the team and the club house. The fact that he is publicly upset and feels that the Phillies have wronged him is a distraction that they don’t need. Especially with the red hot Marlins looking to make it a race in the NL East.

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