2009 Draft Update (First Round Picks)

MLB Draft 2009As the signing deadline for draft picks rapidly approaches(August 17th), only 13 of 32 picks in the first round have signed or agreed to contracts. MLBTR has a great list of all of the first round picks and the amount they signed for, if you want to check that out. So far, Tony Sanchez (Pirates), Matt Hobgood (Orioles), Mike Minor (Braves), Drew Storen (Nationals), AJ Pollock (Diamondbacks), Jiovanni Mier (Astros), Jared Mitchell (White Sox), Randal Grichuk/ Mike Trout (Angels), Eric Arnett (Brewers), Reymond Fuentes (Red Sox), Brett Jackson (Cubs), and Tim Wheeler (Rockies) have signed or agreed. Only Sanchez, Hobgood, Minor, and Storen were picked Top 10 in the first round.  The top 3 picks in the draft (Stephen Strasburg, Dustin Ackley, and Donovan Tate) have all been in the news recently. Via MLBTR, Keith Law expects top pick Strasburg to sign for around 20 million dollars. That is a ton of money to be throwing at a guy just out of college, but he did post gaudy numbers at San Diego State. He pitched 109 innings over 15 starts with a 1.32 ERA and 195 strike outs. His 102 mile an hour fastball has turned heads, so it will be no surprise if and when the Nationals make him the highest paid draft pick ever. Dustin Ackley, arguably the best college hitter in the draft, has begun talks with Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, according to Geoff Baker. As for Donovan Tate, news broke today that he has left the football program at UNC. I imagine that he must be preparing to sign with the Padres if he left he football scholarship at UNC.

That’s all the draft pick news for today. We will surely keep you updated as people sign.

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2 Comments on “2009 Draft Update (First Round Picks)”

  1. Conor Cashel Says:

    yes. they can go and play in the independent leagues and then get drafted again next year

  2. mike rook Says:

    so am i correct in assuming that if they don’t sign they just go back into the pool for next years draft?

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