why does ESPN bug me so much

espn devil copyOver the years ESPN and I have had a love hate relationship. Their site does provide most of the breaking news in a well written format. I even link to their articles on a regular basis, but here is where ESPN and I part ways.

1. Their game announcers are horrible.When there is a game on ESPN that I want to see I will either hit the mute button or turn on the radio and listen to whomever the home teams talent is call the game.

2.They have a huge Red Sox bias that is evident to everyone who is not a Red Sox fan. They threw Alex Rodriguez under the bus when he was caught cheating and became a apologist when it happened to David Ortiz.

3. Worst of all is the Prostitution of the news. Yes down right Prostitution. The ESPN insider scam is just that. They take peoples money in order to let them read parts of the news and their opinion. Most of the time their opinions aren’t worth the paper they are printed on much less a monthly fee to become an “Insider” Buster Brown Olney is ridiculous I would never pay a dime to read the garbage he peddles and Keith I fought the Law and the law won isn’t much better. The only one of them that is worth reading is Peter Gammons and he is starting to show his age with some of his beliefs. Such as the belief that If Pedro can become a quality 6 inning starter for the Phillies. If Pedro becomes a quality 6 inning guy for the Phillies I will run naked down the street, but it just isn’t going to happen. Pedro has not won double digits sense 2005 he is 37 years old and he has a bum shoulder. He like Glavin and Smoltz are done. Pedro is in my mind a Hall of Famer but should go down with dignity the same way Mike Mussina did, who may not be a HOFer the jury is still out.

Bottom line ESPN is ok for some things but I would never recommend paying money for it when I can go to CBS Sportsline or Yahoo sports for the same great coverage for free. If you haven’t already checked out the new MLB Network on TV you should do so I’m hooked.

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6 Comments on “why does ESPN bug me so much”

  1. mferforever Says:

    You realize how big of an idiot you are right? Their announcers are the best in the biz with the best background information available.

    They dont have a bias at all considering if your statement is just about the A-Rod scandal its because He DID in fact do steriods while Ortiz did not.

    Lastly well I guess your statement about Pedro just proved it…

  2. you are bad at espn lol ololol ol o l ol ol crazy vka=ck guy.

  3. mike rook Says:

    Slam you will love the MLB Network their analysts are so much better than ESPN
    Thanks for reading

    • keith watson Says:

      especially peter gammons he’s the best. oh wait didn’t he used to be an analyst at ESPN?

  4. Mr P Says:

    ESPN is so big and powerful that it can basically get away with whatever it wants. In some instances, the little guy loses out.

  5. slamdunk Says:

    I’ll have to look into the MLB Network–thanks for the idea.

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