A once Great Champion now lies in ruins

Better Off DeadDid you ever see the movie Better Off Dead? With the Asian Race Car driver that could only speak Howard Cosell. He says “Lane Myers a Once great champ now lies in ruins” or something like that, well it reminded me of how People in the Red Sox Nation must be feeling of late. I know there is plenty of baseball left and they are only 4.5 5.5 games out of first place but they have a lot of holes in their roster that make them iffy, in my book, for the playoffs at all. First of all their biggest mistake was picking up a bat at the trading deadline instead of pitching. Don’t get me Wrong the acquisition of Victor Martinez helps them offensively and defensively and Kasey Kotchman is another solid pick-up , but they failed to address what wins championships,  pitching. Josh Beckett is their ace in the hole but past that the starting rotation is sketchy at best.  John Lester would be their second best right now at 9-7 with an ERA of 3.79 he is a decent pitcher. But a number 2 guy? At best he should be a three or a four. I would say he is equal to Joba Chamberlain right now ,the Yankees #4 guy who is 8-2 3.73. The Red Sox next best pitcher is Brad Penny who is 7-6 with an ERA of  5.20 and Clay Bucholtz who is 1-2 with an ERA of 5.33. If your ERA is over 5 you are not doing well. Dice K is on the DL and there are Roumors that the Red Sox have given up on him and Tim Wakefield has been lost to the DL as well.

Bottom line ,they needed pitching and didn’t get it.You cant win a championship with a number 1 guy, a number 3 guy,and a couple of number 5 guys,Not going to happen.

Over the last three days the Yankees have shown what wins championships. Solid pitching and timely hitting. Thursay night Joba Chamberlain wasn’t great but recently DFA’d John Smoltz and Billy Traber were much worse and the Yankees had an offensive Bonanza with the 13-6 victory. Yesterday AJ Burnett was brilliant, allowing only 1 hit over 7.2 innings. Josh Beckett was equally Great in what was one of the best pitching duels I have ever seen. The Red Sox Solid Bull Pen held the tie till the 15th inning when Alex Rodriguez hit a walk off 2 run homer,for the 2-0 Bomber victory. The Key was that the Yankees bull pen was deeper. The Sox were on their last pitcher and the Yankees still had three on the Bench.

Today the Yankees came back with CC Sabathia who at times has struggled but is a big game pitcher and a work horse that gets the Job done. Today was not one of those struggling days. It was one where he looked like a Cy Young award winner. He  allowed just two hits over  7.2 innings and struck out 9. He had a no hitter going into the 6th inning fand got the  the 5-0 win. The key to winning is hitting with runners in scoring position over the last three games the Red Sox are 3-33 and the Yankees are 8-46. Now granted thats not great for the Yankees either but keep in mind the epic 15 inning pitchers duel where the Yankees went 0-11.with RISP.

Many Yankees fans feel that they should have gone out and gotten a number 5 starter at the trade deadline because of Chein Ming Wang being out for the season and Sergio Mitre not pitching well. I’m here to tell you folks, they don’t need it. They will only need a number 5 guy roughly 10 more times and the games that Mitre has started they have won despite his poor pitching. They did pick up a pitcher from the Padres recently named Chad Gaudin who will join the team tomorrow. He is not great with a 4-10 record and an ERA of 5.13. But  he is stretched out and has a mid 90’s fast ball and a hard biting slider. He has struck out 105 batters in 105 innings this season.

Playing for a bad team like the Padres who doesn’t give you any run support is tough. Between Gaudin,Mitre,Ortiz,Towers and whomever else the Yankees have down on the farm,they can paste together 10 games their offense will cover for a lot of mistakes. When it comes to the play offs all you need is 4. Sabathia,Burnett,Pettite and Chamberlain. I can’t think of a better contending rotation in the American league, can you?

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