Ortiz still seeking information from ’03 drug test

Ortiz still seeking information from ’03 drug test

I don’t get it does David Ortiz not remember what drugs he took back in 2003? Is he claiming that he didn’t take any drugs and the results are wrong? People dont just randomly test positive for PED’s unless they are taking one. Oh wait I know, maybe hes using the somebody slipped me a mickey and made me a great power hitter after sucking with the Twins and I didn’t even know it. Come on now folks we have to be realistic about this whole thing

david_ortiz. Ortiz needs to stop playing games with the fans that have stuck by him for so many years when he was claiming to be clean and telling kids not to take drugs. Be a man, Come Clean and maybe your fans will forgive you. Hide behind deception and lies and you will be booed in your home park until the day you retire. I’m kinda anxious to see what kind of reception he gets at Yankee stadium tonight after the warm welcome they gave A-Rod earlier in the year.

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