Mets pitcher Niese leaves game with leg injury

Mets pitcher Niese leaves game with leg injury

Hazing_091408As a Rookie you are subject to a certain amount of hazing. Having to use a Barbie backpack is minor compared to some I have seen. The Grown man wearing a dress thing always gives me the hebe gebees.

Unfortunately the Barbie backpack didn’t keep him injury free which is something that doesn’t come easily with being a NY Met these days. Jonathan  Niese injured his hamstring while trying to cover first base last night in a game against the Cards. He collapsed after trying to throw a practice pitch.

The Mets have an entire team worth of players on the DL. including Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgato,Carlos Beltran and JJ Putz. Even second baseman Luis Castillo is day to day after slipping  in the dugout and spraining his ankle. To say that the Mets have been bitten by the injury bug is the understatement of the year. David Wright has been the one healthy superstar in this decimated line up. Somebody better give that guy a raise.

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