Red Sox/ Dice K rift

t2daisukesiApparently Daisuke Matsuzaka is making waves with the Red Sox. Apparently it stems from his workout routine. Matsuzaka claims that a Japanese pitchers physical make up is different from a normal pitcher and the work out regiment that the Red Sox staff is prescribing is actually hurting his progress and making him worse. His public criticism of the Red Sox training staff in this matter may have cost him his job as the Red Sox will listen to offers for the injured hurler.

Seems to me Dice K has a point. Prior to coming to the Red Sox he was one of the greatest if not the greatest pitchers ever to pitch in Japan. His reputation was almost mystical as was his Gyro Ball. Whatever routine he had worked for him. If the Red Sox were smart they would just let him do what he wants to do in order to get himself back to that lights out guy that won so many games for them. But instead they choose to take the we are the boss you are the employee route and you will do what we tell you or you will be traded. With this mentality it seems likely that next season you will see him in a different uniform. Wouldn’t it be fun if somehow he could find his way on to the Yankees roster and create another trade Babe Ruth  curse type scenario. But we know that will never happen. However the Red Sox get what they deserve in this case. Daisuke Matsuzaka had the potential to be one of the greatest to ever wear the Red Sox uniform. I believe their mishandling of him will place him in the hands of someone else and when he rites the ship, and he will, he will make Boston Pay.

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