Tim Lincecum is not human

TimLincecum_2007_035No I’m not saying hes an Alien so don’t go all sci-fiction me. I’m saying that he has a change-up that is so good it isn’t fair and should be banned from baseball. Yesterday Tim threw a 4 hitter striking out 15 Pirates in the Giants 4-2 Victory. Now I know what you are saying, your saying” Mike come on now its the pirates, they are horrible. My grandmother would probably K 10.” Yes they are bad but they are still MLB ball players capable of winning on any given day.
Tim has 183 strikeouts in 148 innings and 97 of them have been via the change-up. He also holds an 11-3 record with an ERA of 2.30. I will bet anyone all the change in my pocket that he wins another CY Young this year. That would be two in a row and at 25 years old makes him not human. Last year he was brilliant, this year he is not even human. I cant wait to see what this guy’s pay raise will be when he hits free agency he isn’t even making a million this year and is hands down the best pitcher in the game. San Fransisco better enjoy him while they can because if he hits the open market they will never be able to afford him. The Giants are an improved team and if they were in any other division besides one that has the Dodgers they might have a chance at the division. They are only 1 game back in the wild-card and that is their best chance at the WS. They better get hungry because if this guy keeps playing for a loser he won’t want to stay.

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