Omar is a crazy man

p1_minayaMets General Manager Omar Minaya while giving a statement about the firing of Vice President Tony Bernazard implied that local Beat Writer Adam Rubin conspired to get him fired because he had asked Minaya for a coaching or front office Job. Even If it is true that Rubin inquired about a job what in the world does that have to do with the fact that Bernazard was dismissed after getting into a heated argument with All-Star closer Francisco Rodriguez, challenging Double-A players to a fight and berating a team employee over a seating mix-up. To say that Rubin had some agenda in doing his job, which by the way is to report the news and I say that Tony’s behavior was news, is insane. So yes Omar is a crazy man. The whole Mets organization is full of dysfunctional crazy people. The Mets seem to be falling apart at the seams, from the front office to the fact that all their stars are on the DL.
Miniya did the right thing in firing Bernazard but shifting the blame to a beat reporter for simply reporting the news is irresponsible and should not go unnoticed by the owners who don’t need these kinds of distractions especially when their team is probably going to start cleaning house soon.

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